Kelvin Lui

Fourth-year undergraduate Computer Science student at UC San Diego who is passionate about creating mobile apps and collaborating with other people to solve real-world problems.


Kelvin is an aspiring software engineer, who aims to work in the Silicon Valley after graduating in Fall 2019 with a B.S. in Computer Science degree from UC San Diego. After attending a student-led iOS development bootcamp, he becomes passionate about iOS development. He is fascinated by the ability that iOS development can turn ideas into functionalities that people can use on their fingertips on a daily basis. He is also particularly interested in front-end development, in which he could combine his artistic talents and technical skills into beautiful user interfaces to enhance user experience. He is also involved in a student organization to develop his leadership skills and interpersonal skills, such as the Eta Kappa Nu Honor Engineering Society. After his experience as a Software Engineering Intern at ARM, he has become confident that he could tackle challenges in the industry with his technical skills. In the upcoming Summer 2019, he will be interning at Zuora as a Business Applications Development intern, which he will also gain invaluable experience in working with clients to develop customized software applications to fit their business needs. During his free time, he likes to travel and watch movies for fun.

  • Software Engineer
  • UCSD
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  • ARM
  • Zuora
  • Eta Kappa Nu
  • iOS development
  • User Interfaces
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I have implemented data structures and algorithms in Java and C++, which has stregthened my programming fundamentals.


I enjoy using Trello to tackle many individual and group projects by breaking them into small pieces, and I am familar with using Git.

mobile app development

I have built real-time and data-driven iOS and Android apps using Swift and Java, with the help of Firebase and various APIs.


I enjoy using design and phototype tools from my toolbox, such as Sketch, Affinity Designer and Pixelmator, to bring my ideas and imgination to reality.


I have used Python libraries, such as Numpy, Matplotlib, Scipy and Pandas to process, visualize and analyze data.


I became Webmaster at a student organization, Eta Kappa Nu, to further improve my communication and leadership skills.

Create Works

"Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been." –– Alan Alda

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I'm actively looking for full-time opportunities starting January 2020.


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